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about me

a storyteller at heart, i have lived in both the highs and lows of life,

from coaching and speaking (high) to government work (a definite low).


i'm proudest of the careers and companies that i've helped launch and the lives that have changed because of that.


i'm a writer, reader, creator, and i have secret powers.


it's true. i believe in you.

Throughout my years running the offices or my own team, I consistently helped agents who struggled with the same thing I did when I started real estate. I knew what to do, I just couldn’t do it.

Why? Because I’m not a pushy salesperson. Because that’s gross.

I finally learned that what was underneath it was two-fold.

  1. The words I was using. Pushy. Salesy. Gross.

  2. Fear.

Fear that no one would really want to work with me because I wasn't…. you fill in the blank. Seasoned enough, experienced enough, knowledgeable enough, blah, blah, blah. Learning the skills was the easy part. The fear, though, didn’t just go away. I would re-frame it and push through it.

The thing is, though, that it kept coming back again and again and again. Every time I went to do something new, BAM, fear. When I became a Team Leader. Fear. When I began doing seminars. Fear. Public Speaking. Fear.

There must be something deeper. So I decided to dig.

Underneath the Fear?


Who we are. What we do. Who we say we are. Our stories we tell, about us, to others, to ourselves. Identity.

Thus began my journey into Identity.

It changed my life.

Do I still have Fear? You betcha. But I’ve learned to run towards it. My story is different.

It has impacted my personal life so profoundly that I couldn’t keep this to myself. I had to, needed to, am compelled to help others who are going through the same self doubts and lack of confidence that I felt.

I wrote a course and have been teaching it across the nation.

That course is through Success Magazine, and I’ve called it Success of Self

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