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Anna Ghalumion, Realtor

Gina is a master at her craft and will undoubtedly guide you through the most profound journey of your life!

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Trevor White, Realtor

Gina's warmth and energy will immediately make you feel comfortable and open to sharing about yourself. She is here to encourage and help you and she doesn't let you down!

John Smith

Floyd Fulton, Realtor

Gina, special callout to you. You have been excellent. A princess!! Very supportive and a sounding board when I needed one.

John Smith

Michael Stover

Thanks for a great session, Gina. Very valuable insights! This talk interested me because I wanted to help with our local Toastmasters group to continue to grow and I believe this could have good info to use at a non-profit that I serve.

John Smith

Linda Ramrath

Thank you so much! This was very well done and helpful. Lots of food for thought.

Brianna Latham_edited.jpg

Brianna Latham, Realtor

Gina, you probably already know this but you are simply the best. I just had an amazing conversation with ***, and I'm gonna call *** and I'm so excited! So, thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

John Smith

Christopher Mongno

It was excellent meeting you and I was floored by your presentation this past Saturday. The information and delivery was eye-opening. I really enjoyed how strategic your plan to add additional members is and hoping to implement something similar. 

I greatly appreciate your time and willingness to share!

John Smith

John Morrow

I discovered this morning, while doing research on Strengthsfinder, that my Top 5 is a 1 in 33 million combination. I find that all of the following (as to how it resonates with me): thrilling, surprising, humbling (good thing), motivating, empowering, sobering, purposeful.

As you correctly said, it is accurate, energizing, and helps me see my Mission, Purpose, and Vision much more pinpoint focused. I have a lot of work to do, but I have a true Blueprint. Thanks for your amazing ENRICHMENT presentation.

John Smith

Emmanuel Cofie

I appreciated your presentation today -- Club Growth. I learned a lot.

Daina Lau_edited.jpg

Daina Lau

What a wonderful way to win listings:

Work hard, source and share accurate information, interpret and share with sellers in a clear and concise manner, then...POW...Position them in the Market!! I love your confidence in what you know you can offer your clients...I want to be this agent as well!


Such good content...thank you for your generosity in sharing your wonderful practice.

Shanti Gomes_edited.jpg

Shanti Gomes

I enjoyed your presentation this morning. Thank you for the value that you taught in such a short amount of time.

Maurice Rodrigues_edited.jpg

Maurice Rodrigues

Thank you so much for sharing with us your listing presentation strategy during our state meeting!! Although I am fairly new, I have never heard of an agent taking this approach. Not only will it strengthen your chances of getting the listing, it will also ensure you understand and know the market for your product during the listing.

I am currently in the process of securing a listing and it's been a challenge to get the Seller to understand the importance of not over pricing. 

'Don't help your neighbor sell their home' love it, love it, love it!!

John Smith

Beth Ramsay

Life skill training.

John Smith

Debbie Shekosky

Thank you for the wonderful presentation this morning at our CT state broker meeting. 

John Smith

Cheryl Zalewski

Wonderful information! I greatly appreciate it so I can share with new agents!!!

John Smith

Eli Joseph

Was just on the training and you were amazing.

John Smith

Vanessa Johnson

Thank you for today!!! Love to have your reports!

Shanese Medina_edited.jpg

Shanesa Medina

Thank you so much for speaking today! This was very valuable and I'd love to have this info. 

Cheryl Lister_edited.jpg

Cheryl Lister

What an amazing meeting. You're amazing Gina.

John Smith

HeatherMarie Roberts

Thank you for a great presentation! And for your time.

John Smith

Courtney Stiles

Thank you so much for the information this morning!

John Smith

Cody Perkins

Thank you for presenting! It was great!

John Smith

Aaron Davies

I appreciate being able to learn from you. Your presentation included many helpful ideas. I am interested in hearing your listing presentation training.

John Smith

Janice Sangster-Phalen

Attended part of the Nevada meeting. I do some additional stats too. Very rare to find anyone doing the numbers!

John Smith

Laurie Goodrich

Thank you for visiting our Exp group. I just watched it! Loved it. 

John Smith

Alan D. Witte

Thanks for your presentation today. How can I learn more?

Mena Freeman_edited.jpg

Mena Freeman

Thank you for the information today.

Eric R._edited

Eric R., Realtor

Fantastic class / program / exercise for a person like me that has a hard time slowing down enough to self-reflect and really take the time to look at what it is that we are actually DOING in this crazy world. For me, this process helped me confirm that I am doing the right thing and headed in the right direction. Thank you!

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Anna Ghalumion, Realtor

This course enabled us all an opportunity to deeply and thoroughly self reflect and peel the layers of our being. In this collaborative and safe environment we exposed and overcame our fears, discovered our strengths, and gained the tremendous determination to climb our own versions of Mount Everest. The clarity we received at the end of this journey was unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced and truly something I would never trade for anything else in this world.

Copy of Trevor_edited.jpg

Trevor White, Realtor

I had a terrific time with this class! It was very easy to follow, objectives and assignments were very clear, and Gina's energy and openness created a very tight-knit group. Different from other training or classes or such... you will learn a lot about yourself and others in the class, especially when Gina breaks everyone down into small groups. The course is very empowering in a fun way!

John Smith

Meg Wade

Thanks for your expertise!!!

John Smith

George Hazzard

You did a great job, Gina well done. Thank you.

John Smith

Jackie Pearson

I enjoyed your TLI presentation today.

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