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Am I Ready For Coaching?

You know who built their businesses on luck?  Leprechauns.  Ever see a successful leprechaun in real life? My point exactly. Today more than ever, your business needs to run like a business.  

Take our coaching quiz today to find out if coaching might be your next best step! 


At what price do you become a seller?



Hello. I am (Name) with (Company). I want to get right to the point so I don’t waste your time. I promised my buyer that I would call every homeowner in your neighborhood to see if you are thinking about selling. I think you may be shocked what your home is worth in

today’s market.


 Hi, this is (Name) with (Company) and I’m calling because I’m working with some buyers who are looking to move into your neighborhood. As you probably know, there aren't many for sale signs up, so I promised my buyers I’d call around to see if anyone was thinking of selling. I've learned to never assume an owners wishes, so I'm calling everyone. Have you thought about selling your property? If no: Do you know of any of your neighbors who might be thinking of selling? Thank you for thinking about that. Is it okay if I call you way out in the future? Thank you. Have an awesome day.


Hi, I’m (Name) with (Company) and I have (Seller's first names) home listed, and I'm putting together some marketing information. 

Do you have two minutes to help me?  Don't pause. 

Out of curiosity, what is it about this neighborhood that you love? 

Thank you! Hey, who do you know from work, or a friend or family member, that may want to buy in this neighborhood? 

Who do you know here ( look up and down the street) that is thinking about selling their house?

Thank you, out of curiosity, if you were to move, where would you go next? Awesome! When would that be?

Hey, I don’t mind, I send out the occasional neighborhood information, 

would you be interested in receiving it?  Back away a step, palms up and open. I don’t mind....

Awesome! Can I get your name? And email address? 

And can I get your phone number? I’m not going to bug you, I just like to verify that you get the email.

Thanks again, and have a great day!

Hi, is this (Their name)? Hi (Their name), do you have 90 seconds? Awesome, hey, I just took a listing in your neighborhood and we find that a lot of times they know that their family members or friends are looking in the neighborhood too.  Do you know of anyone who wants to move into this neighborhood? Thanks! Hey,  while I have you on the phone, we usually generate a lot of buyers and they always ask if there are any other houses coming on the market in the neighborhood. Are you or anyone else in the neighborhood thinking about selling anytime soon? Yes? Let’s set up a time to meet. No? Awesome, well thank you for thinking about that for me. Hey, would you like me to contact you when the house sells? Perfect, I'll make sure to let you know. Thanks and have a great day!



Hello, this is (Name) with (Company). I’m not sure if you are aware or not, but a home recently just sold in your neighborhood for 900K!

The good news is your neighborhood is hot and we have plenty of buyers interested in purchasing in your area. I promised some of them that I would reach out to you to see if you are interested in selling within the next few months.

I think you may be shocked at what your home is worth in today’s market!



Good Morning, I am (Name) with (Company). Were you aware that (Neighbor's first names) home right down the street over there point just sold? Did you know the property sold for (amount), which is (amount) above the price at which it was listed and a  (#) % increase of what properties sold for just 12 short months ago? It is amazing to see what has transpired with the increase in home valuations in the area, isn’t it? There were several buyers competing to purchase this property who are still interested in moving into the neighborhood. By any chance would you and your family have interest in selling your home now or in the near future?



Hi, I’m (Name) from (Company), and the reason I’m calling today is (Neighbor's first names) house around the corner from you just sold, and your property values have just increased. Have you thought about selling?

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