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I almost left the biz...


It was April of 2008 and I was giving up on real estate. I'd been in a year and had only sold 4 houses which is not enough to survive on then and it still isn't now. I thought my luck couldn't get any worse.


Turns out that crazy idea to launch a real estate career in '07 and the biggest financial meltdown of our generation was the smartest and luckiest thing I ever did.

I had to learn how to succeed fast. 

Maybe you've felt the same.


If I didn't start making real money I was going to have to very seriously consider a career at Starbucks.

That's when I changed who I was in business with.

And that smart, lucky move changed everything.

I was smart enough to know I had to make a change and lucky enough to choose the right people. People who coached me, trained me how to think bigger and better of myself, and taught me how to actually succeed in this crazy business. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here today. 

Maybe you're looking for the right people, too.

Gina Hanson

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