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Are You Ready to Join the Team?

Sign Up

Visit Gina Hanson Exp Realty Careers and click on "Join Us Today" to get started! Make sure to click the blue "Join Us Today" box at the top of the page. 

They will ask for the following information to complete the sign up process:

  • Are you a US or Canadian Agent?

  • Sponsor: Gina Hanson - Wyoming

  • Team: The Gina Hanson Team

    • You may have to write this information in as I may not be set up as a drop-down option here.

  • Team Leader: Gina Hanson

  • Number of Transactions: 

    • Say more than 6, otherwise, they will want to hook you up with a mentor. Because we are a team, they allow us to mentor within the team itself.

    • Fore the amount of commission income, put any amount, it doesn't matter. 

  • Bank Draft vs. Credit Card: 

    • Joining fee ($149) and monthly tech charge ($85).

    • The joining fee will not occur until after you move your license over. 

  • Agent Equity Program: 

    • You may elect to put a small percentage of each transaction aside to purchase eXp stock at a reduced rate. I always recommend that you say yes because it's such a good deal and you can change it anytime you want and as many times as you want. 

  • License Transfer: The last step for signing up with eXp. Nothing is official until this step is completed. You may receive a separate email with state specific instructions. 


Let me know if you have any questions during the sign up process. Also, let me know when you've got the eXp side done and I'll send you the digisign link for our team, plus my calendar link for coaching.

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