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Buyer Scripts


Oh, that’s a great property! Everyone is calling about that one. Are you in the market to buy a home?



(Name), as you can see we will be putting a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect home for you. Is our proactive approach what you’re looking for in the agent who represents you? Good! In exchange for all the time and effort and work I put into finding you the best home, all I ask is that you commit the same time to working with me as your agent. I feel confident in your ability to do what is needed on your side of the transaction, do you feel the same in working with us? Great! Are you ready to do the paperwork? Here is the buyer agency agreement we use that authorizes me to represent you in the purchase of your home. What is says is that I work with you, putting your interests above my own, and do all the things I said I would. It also says when you buy a home I will get paid a commission. Great, Isn’t it? I am not like other agents who make promises they don't intend to keep - I only do my buyer agreements in 30 day increments. After 30 days, either you will be in escrow or still on the hunt for the perfect home. If you feel I am doing a great job, then we will extend it for another 30 days. Does that sound fair? Great, sign here!


By signing this agreement you are granting your consent for me to represent you, and to protect you and your best interests throughout the entire home buying process.


In order for us to get started, we have to have this paper signed that shows that I am your agent, this allows me to show you properties and act upon your behalf as your agent, and to put your fiduciary needs first.


In order to properly operate on your behalf, we are required to sign this form before we continue.


It is our policy that all buyers authorize our mutual agreement for our company and myself to work together as your agent by signing a this form.


My broker(or the state, if true) requires that all buyers sign this agreement first, so that I can get started right away upon your behalf. It means I'm on your side and work for you.


So that we both know and understand that I am operating as your agent and working in your best interests, we need to have this agreement signed.


This agreement shows that I am your agent, and as such, I protect you from possible conflicts of interest and put your needs first. 



Do you want to be a professional offer-writer, or do you want to be a homeowner?


If you insult the seller by offering too low of a price for the property, they may choose to not ever do business with you, and that means not only no counter back, but an actual refusal to even look at other offers from you. However, if you offer them something that is workable, hopefully they will at least counter back, and you can get this new home.


I know that you’re looking at the price of this home and it's slightly outside of your range. However if you take the (X amount - say $30,000) extra, and divide up over the 30 years of the loan, that's  out works out to be $1000 a year. $1000 a year works out to be, what, $80 a month? $80 a month is $20 a week, which is approximately $3 a day. Isn't that less than a cup of coffee? Here, let me pay your first day. Give them $3.


(Name), I need you think like a seller. If the seller has three offers and one of them is cash and the other has no contingencies and yours is seriously underpriced, which would you take?


Will it hurt if you lose this house? Then let's write up an offer that will get accepted.


Would you sell your house for $400k if you knew it was worth $450k? That’s exactly why we need to come up in price. 



(Name), I need you to think like a seller. If I have to wait for you to sell your property first, and you don't even have it on the market yet (or an offer on it yet) why would I risk taking my house off the market for a deal that might not happen? If you were the seller, what kind of offer would you want to see? (non-contingent, or higher-priced). Exactly,  That is why we need to come way up in price.



Did we exceed expectations? 

Has there ever been a time...?

How can I help you best?

I can't do that, but I can do This....

I think.

Maybe I can.


Tell me more about..?

What about “___” is important to you..?

What did we learn?

What does that look like to you?

What do I need to communicate?

What do you think?

What is your preferred method of communication?

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