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FSBO Scripts

 I am here to help you,and I have been able to get FSBOs more money than almost any other agent in (Name of county), and do you know why? Because I have studied, and I know what I am doing.

Can I ask you a question? Do you know the 4 types of buyers who are looking only at FSBO's, instead of looking online where over 92% of the properties are listed? 1. They are either not qualified through a lender yet, because if they had a decent agent, that agent wouldn't let them go out before talking to a lender, or 2. They have credit issues and need to do a lease purchase or very creative financing, and they know the only way that can happen is if they can find a desperate FSBO to work with them, 3. They are an investor or someone else looking for a screaming deal of at least 30% below market value, or 4. Someone who is hoping that you don't understand contract law well enough and they can force you into a deal which only benefits them. Which one of those people were you hoping to work with? What I'd like to do is sit down for about 15 minutes and show you why so many former FSBO's decide to work with me. Would Tuesday or Wednesday be better?


Hello, I’m calling about the home for sale, is this (Name)? Hi, this is (Name) with (Company) and I noticed that you have your home for sale as a for sale by owner, is that right? I’m calling because I’ve helped a lot of owners sell their homes, and I wanted to give you a call and see how everything was going. When your property does sell, where will you be going?  What is important about (Place)? I see.

When did you want to be there by? 


What made you decide to sell your property without any help? Commission

If you could get more money and have the process be easier than trying to sell it yourself, even after paying my commission, would it make sense for us to get together?

YES  Great! Would Tuesday or Wednesday be better for you?


Thank you for taking my call, I’m (Name) with (Company), and I was curious. When your house sells, where are you moving to? (If they ask why you are asking, you say) Frankly, the reason I am calling is everyday I proactively look for buyers for my sellers. Isn’t that what you would want an agent to do for you? I mean, if you hired an agent, right?

Average agents will just put a sign in the yard. I am not your average agent, I am proactive in calling and finding buyers for my sellers. So when your house sells, where were you moving to? What is it about (place) that makes you want to move there? How soon do you need to be there? Okay.

Since you have decided to sell your house how would you rate your motivation on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being high?

Why not a #? (go 2-3 numbers lower - ie., if they say 10, Why not a 7?

If they say 3, why not a 1?) Okay, fair enough - out of curiosity, how did you come up with the price of your house? Good for you. 

Why did you decide to sell your house yourself instead of listing with an agent? Great. How long will you wait before you..consider hiring the right agent to sell your house? Okay. Are you familiar with what I do to get houses sold? Oh really? When would be the best time to show you, (time) or (time)? The more you talk with me, the more you will see why people choose me to help them sell their property. I'll see you at (time.)



I am not your average agent, I am a professional, and proactively calling for buyers every day. Now, I can't guarantee it, but let’s say I get a couple of different buyers interested in your house, what would happen to the price?  It would go up. And even if I didn’t find two, and I just find one, wouldn’t that get you where you want to be in anyway? Isn't that what you want? Set the appointment.


I get it - if you knew I could get you more money than if you sold your property yourself, you'd have already hired me, right? But if I could get you more money, even with my commission factored in, you'd at least want to know how, right? That’s why we need to meet. I have an opening on Tuesday at (time) or Wednesday at (time), which works better for you?


Due to the declining market that we are in, with homes staying on the market longer and prices dropping, I’d still like to contact you when there is a home sale nearby that may affect what your home will appraise for. Would that be OK? 


In the meantime, if there is anything that I can help you with, please give me a call at (number). 

 I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, or help you in any way that I can.


Let me ask you this - would you pay more money for a pair of jeans from the Levi store, or from a garage sale? Even if they are both brand new, with labels still intact, which would you pay more for? The Levi Store. Why is that? Right. The store keeps you safer. You can return the jeans if you want. A salesperson is involved. It's just the way it works. When you list your home in a 'garage sale' manner, people will assume that you will only offer you garage sale prices. Were you intending to do sell your home for garage sale prices? That's why we need to meet.



(Name), if I could sell your house in 30 days and net you what you need, would that be a problem for you?

That’s exactly why we need to set an appointment.


Out of curiosity, what is the single greatest advantage you have in selling your house all by yourself? Commission 

What is the single greatest advantage the buyer has to buy your FSBO? To save the commission. And get a great deal, right?

What is the single biggest disadvantage you have in selling you house yourself? The hassle. It's a pain, isn't it?

You know, I have gotten more people more money in less time with less hassle. Sounds like our interests line up pretty well. Don’t you think we should talk? 


Hello, and thank you for taking my call. I am (Name) with the (Name of team) at (Company), and I do not list houses. I spend 100 percent of my time working with buyers. So, can we continue the conversation? Awesome, thank you. I make sure that I know all the properties on the market and not just the ones on the MLS. Is is okay if I ask you a few questions? After you sell your house where do you plan on moving to? Great. If they have already found a home ask if they are in need of a great agent to help then sell their house Once again, I don’t list houses, however, the person that is the leader on our real estate team is the best listing agent I’ve ever seen; that’s why I'm on their team. I could talk with them and ask if they would spend some time with you on how to get your house sold in today’s market. When could they come by and share some of their marketing techniques? I could see if they could make it on Tuesday or Wednesday?


 Hello and thank you for taking my call. This is  (Name) with (Company). I work with many buyers in the area and I was wondering how can I help you? Just out of curiosity, where are you moving to? Okay, the reason I ask is I have listings in the area, and I was hoping you might be a buyer for one of my listings. You see, I call daily to find buyers for my sellers. By the way, when do you have to be there?

How long will you try to sell by yourself before you would consider listing with an agent? Perfect, that’s exactly why I should come by your house. At a weak moment, you might end up with a weak agent, and you don't want that. Most FSBOs decide to list with because I am proactive in finding buyers for their property and I help FSBOs get what they want. When could I stop by for about fifteen minutes? I can look at your house and then tell potential buyers about it. Would today at 3 be okay, or would 5 be better?

Good thing I called you today, so I could share with you how I get houses sold. When I come by, I'll show you some of my marketing techniques and see if they work for you. You're probably sensing that a top agent, like myself, may be just what you need to sell your house in today’s market, aren’t you? 

Let me ask you: Why would a buyer buy directly from you when an agent doesn’t cost them any money, unless it was to get a great deal? I know! I'm more than happy to show you how to put more money in your pocket by working with me. Are you up for making more money?


 May I speak with (Name) please?Hi (Name), thank you for taking my call. This is (Name) with (Company). First off, I'm not calling to list your house - you're probably getting inundated with agents trying to list your house. You see, I’m a Buyer Specialist, meaning I only work with buyers. I make calls every day finding properties for my buyers. So, let me ask, where do you plan on moving to? Fantastic. Well, I like to keep my finger on the pulse of the market by knowing the inventory in the area I specialize in. I’d like to schedule an appointment to preview your house, so that I can compare your house’s features with the buyers I currently have in my pipeline, and ideally get your house sold. Are weekdays or weekends better? By the way, If I were to bring you an offer from one of my potential buyers that is acceptable to you, would you accept that offer from my company?



When I stop by on (day), I’d like to bring a list of properties that match the criteria of the home that you are looking for. What part of town are you most interested in? What style of home are you after? How many beds, baths, square footage, etc...


If everything worked out the way you planned, when would you like to be moved by? Fantastic .

I would like to view your property, if I may, so I could tell potential buyers about it. Also, I may have some properties that would be just right for you and you family. Are you currently contracted with an agent to help you purchase your next home? Terrific. Would you be offended if I took some notes on what you are currently looking for? When I come by to view your property, I will bring some addresses and pictures of homes that might interest you.

How long have you given yourself to sell your house by yourself before you engage the services of a real estate broker?



Great! What if I could get the listing agent in our office to buy you out of marketing you are doing?  They would pay you for the ads in the paper when you close on the house.That way, you're not out any money. 

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