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Growth Centered ALC




60 Minutes

About the Course

I struggled for a year trying to unlock the secret of a cohesive and growth minded Agent Leadership Council - so you don't have to. I'll teach you the secrets to creating a dynamic and inspired ALC whose energy and leadership skills will transform and lift your entire office to new heights. You'll understand how to prevent burnout, lift production, and develop a deep community within your top leadership.

What You'll Get:

  • The Perfect Agenda: Discover the elusive yet attainable perfect agenda that sets the stage for impactful ALC sessionsn that foster Learn to design sessions that captivate participants, ensuring maximum engagement, a tightknit community, and leads to your ALC attaining their deepest personal and professional goals.

  • The Consideration Letter: Master the art of the Consideration Letter, a powerful tool that sets expectations for the honor that they may be chosen for.

  • The 4 Components of a Growth Mindset: Delve into the essential components of a growth mindset, uncovering strategies to instill this transformative mindset within your ALC. Cultivate resilience, curiosity, and adaptability for enduring success.

  • Discerning Critics: Learn to differentiate between constructive criticism and unproductive feedback. Gain insights into identifying which critics to listen to and which to ignore, empowering you to make informed decisions for the growth of your ALC and your market center.

  • The True Secret to Growth: Unlock the ultimate secret to sustainable growth within your ALC community. Their is a hidden key to continuous development and success!

Who should attend?

Team Leaders who have not yet mastered th ALC board of their dreams.

Anyone in a leadership position within your Market Center.

Top Agents with Teams who want to master a growth mindset and cohesivity amongst their teams.

New Team Leaders seeking an ALC that will help them attain the Market Center of everyone's dreams.

Your Instructor

Gina Hanson

Gina Hanson

Meet Gina Hanson, the creative force behind Create a Growth Minded ALC. As a KW TL in both startup and turnaround offices she uncovered the secret to crafting an ALC that everyone was clamoring to be a part of. Through strategic insights gained from managing diverse environments, she developed a Growth-Centered ALC, where productivity thrives, challenges are embraced, and agent personal productivity knew no bounds.
Discover how to make your ALC group the best of the best!

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