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Self Constructed II




6 Days

About the Course

Embark on a profound exploration of self with our advanced workshop, "Self Constructed 2."

Building upon the foundations laid in the initial workshop, this experience invites you to delve even deeper into your identity. Guided by Gina's personal evolution, she expertly leads you through the intricate layers that define your unique essence. With her profound understanding of the human psyche, Gina empowers you to unravel the very core of your being.

This workshop transcends the mere discovery of individuality; it is a transformative odyssey inspired by Gina's personal growth. Her own path, filled with lessons about overcoming fears, understanding motivations, and embracing self-worth, forms the basis of this profound experience. Join in an extraordinary exploration to embrace your distinctiveness fully. Discover the path to aligning your life with your deepest purpose, laying the groundwork for your great work.

If fear is holding you back, then this workshop provides the tools and insights to break free from these limitations. Confront your fears, identify your true calling, set healthy boundaries, and reclaim your vitality and enthusiasm for life. Embrace the life you deserve.

Your Instructor

Gina Hanson

Gina Hanson

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with Gina Hanson, a seasoned expert shaped by over three decades of private sector, non-profit, and sales experience. Driven by a fervent passion for profound knowledge, competitive games, and fostering teamwork within work groups, Gina embarked on a transformative journey. Her exploration into the intricate aspects of human nature, including fears, motivations, behaviors, and self-worth, was born out of a deep curiosity and personal inquiry.

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