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Self Constructed Workshop




6 Weeks | 90 Minutes Weekly

About the Course

Embark on a profound self-discovery journey with Gina Hanson, the visionary author of "Self Constructed." In this workshop, you will unravel your authentic self, guided by Gina's insights from her book. Through introspective exercises and discussions, you will embrace your uniqueness. Gina creates a safe space for self-exploration, empowering you to realize your inherent value and live life as your true, genuine self. Course is online via Zoom Call.

Your Instructor

Gina Hanson

Gina Hanson

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with Gina Hanson, a seasoned expert shaped by over three decades of private sector, non-profit, and sales experience. Driven by a fervent passion for profound knowledge, competitive games, and fostering teamwork within work groups, Gina embarked on a transformative journey. Her exploration into the intricate aspects of human nature, including fears, motivations, behaviors, and self-worth, was born out of a deep curiosity and personal inquiry.

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