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Listing Scripts



Many people intend to list with me before they call me.

When we meet, if you feel comfortable, are you prepared to list with me at that time?



(Set the stage on the listing appointment for a future price adjustment)

 Here is what the activity looks like when we put your property on the market. The first few days after we go live,  buyers will see it online. A few days later they tell their agents and a few days after that they come by and see it. Which means the greatest activity will be 1-2 weeks after we go live. Then showings dwindle down until just after week 3 and your property goes into a listing coma. The only way to get your property out of a listing coma is to reduce the price. That starts the cycle all over again. Which means that I am going to be over here every month with a price adjustment until we get your property sold.

(After it's listed)

(Name), may I share an NAR statistic with you? The National Association of Realtors say that even when the market was really bad, a correctly priced property sells in approximately 15 days . The other rule of thumb is two weeks no showings, or 10 showings no offers, means your house is overpriced. We are now at X days and X showings, we have to adjust the price of your property.


If you see a home that has been on the market a long time (refer to the average days on market on their CMA), what do you think about the house? Right, something's wrong. That's why we can't allow your property to sit here at this price, people will think that something is wrong with your property, and there's not. If you did make an offer on a property that has sat for a long time, what kind of an offer would you make?  Full price, or much lower? Exactly, that's why we need to price your property correctly, so we don't get really lowball offers from people who think there is something really wrong with your property.


Actually, in this market, you are. And you are getting a screaming deal on the other side as well. It's just how it works.




 What is more important to you,  _______ (being closer to your family, being closer to your new job, being in a smaller house, buying your dream home...whatever)  or not having to give the home away?



I have pictures with me here of examples of what sold in your neighborhood and I divided it into low, medium, and high price. Based upon these pictures, which one is your house (where does your house fit in... what is comparable to your property)? I'd rather you be the most beautiful property in your price range, than the ugliest one in the higher range. That’s why we need to price in this range. It's a price war and a beauty contest, and we need to win both. 



At what price do you become a seller?



Here’s how we can tell that we are in the right price range. Within the first 3 weeks:

If your property is 15% or more over market price you are in a listing coma.

If your property is within 10-15% over market price, we will have Internet traffic, but no offers.

If your property is within 5-8% over market price, we will get drive-bys and showings.

If your property is 3-5% over market price, you will get showings and low offers.

If your property is within 1-2% of the market price, you will have showings and viable offers.

If we start it at a price that puts it in a listing coma, we will have to adjust the property by 10% or more to get it out of the coma. I'd rather price correctly and not have to do a drastic drop just 3 weeks after going live. 




I need you to think like a buyer. You’re probably doing that already. You’re probably online looking for your new home, and you are searching in a certain price range, say from 650 to 700.  And you’re scrolling through looking at picture/price, picture/price, picture/price, and you’re saying, ' no, no, no, maybe, yes'.  Swipe your finger left for no and right for yes. Most people don't know this, but in today's day and age, your first showing is online. That’s why we need to price your property correctly - I need to get you into that 'yes' pile. Without your property priced in the correct price bracket people will never even see it. Price brackets are the first place people start. The second thing people see are the pictures. It's picture/price/, picture/price, picture/price. That's why we have to the price it right AND have the best picture - to keep you out of the 'no' pile. You do want to keep your property out of the 'no' pile, don't you? 


(Name), I need you to think like a buyer right now. As you can see from the CMA here, on average five properties sell in this neighborhood every single month. Currently we have eight listed in your area, and yours will be number nine. If you are a buyer and there are nine properties in a neighborhood that are all fairly similar, and one is priced at 595, three at 600, four at 625, and yours is 695, which one are you going to buy? Exactly, because everything is online, and they can see it all. If we price at 695, all you are doing is selling your neighbors house. My job is not to sell your neighbors house. My job is to sell your house 


I understand. May I explain something to you? See, many agents work primarily with buyers, and they will take your property, over price it to win the listing when they know it won't sell for that much, stick a sign in your yard and sweep in all the buyers so they can sell them something else. I am not that agent. My job is to sell your house, not lie to you about the price so I can use you to get buyers. I make hours of phone calls every day to my database to get you your offer. I'm not your average agent who just puts a sign in your yard. I know basic supply and demand economics, and you probably do, too, right? I know that the more people who know about your property, the higher the offer we are likely to get. I am a listing agent, I do my job, and I don't lie to you about price and I don't just stick a sign in your yard. I work hard to sell your property.


Tell me more about..?

What does that look like to you...?

Has there ever been a time...?

What about “----” is important to you..?

I think..

Maybe I can..

I can't do that, but I can do This...


What do you think?

How can I help you best?

What do I need to communicate?

What is your preferred method of communication?

Did we exceed expectations?

What did we learn?

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