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Calendar Your Way to Success

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Calendar Your Way To Success

If you have a line on your to-do list that says to make a to-do list, this is for you. 

If you have more than three scraps of paper with notes on them, this is for you.

If you’ve ever double booked yourself, this article is for you.

With the New Year comes a new calendar. All those blank pages just waiting for life, your life to fill them up. But where or where do you start? Hint: not with those scraps of paper, those come later.

The first question to ask yourself is, paper or plastic? Are you a day-planner type of person or an on-the-go, I need my calendar on my phone, my watch, and my computer type of person. The correct answer is to use the calendar you will use. Choose which one resonates with you and stick with that. The only rule is, like Frodo’s ring, there is just one calendar to rule them all. The fastest way to double and triple book your life is have a ‘work calendar’ and a ‘personal calendar’. You are a whole person, use a whole calendar. 

  1. You don’t rule the world, and some things you cannot change. Start with those things first. Can you change your child’s first day of school? Nope. That goes in first. School plays, vacations, events, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. If you aren’t in control of it, schedule it first.  

  2. Next comes everything to do with investing. Investing? On a calendar? Absolutely. Exercise, goal and planning time, activities that improve your health, financial situation, or your relationships. If you are unsure if something goes here, see the attached diagram. Also, asking is a quadrant 2 activity, ask this question… “What is the one thing, that if I did that, would most impact my life in a positive way, and everything else would become either not important, or not as necessary?” You can use this in any given arena of your life. What is the one thing for my health, for my business, for my relationships, that if I did that…?  Lead Generation goes here - recommended 3 hours per day.

  3. Follow up time is next. Many activities need time for you to circle back around. Think of it as time to call your clients back, take care of loose ends, etc. Lead follow up goes here - recommended 1 hour per day.

  4. White space. Un-scheduled time. Stuff happens in life, and you’ll need the space to get it done. If you are diligent in your quadrant 2 scheduling, there won’t be as many fires from quadrant 1 that require your time. Leave white space in your calendar. 

  5. If you are on track for your goals, great! If not, use your white space for more of your quadrant 2 activities, always asking the question, “What is the one thing…?” Appointments go here, recommended block of 4 hours per day. If you don’t have any appointments, then training and learning go here.

Color coding your calendar gives you the ability to merely glance at it and know what type of activities are planned for the day. 

I like green (=money) for Quadrant 2.  My relationship/family activities are blue (=trust), and yellow for fun (=sunshine).  

Always leave white space in your calendar. Just like white noise helps us to sleep, white space on our calendars gives us room to breathe.

IF you don’t calendar it, it doesn’t exist. Also, if you erase, you must replace.

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