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Database Fully Functional

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Database Fully Functional

Why are we afraid of our database? 

Or, how to talk to anyone about anything, including real estate. 

“I HATE LEAD GENERATING! I hate everything about it. I hate calling, I hate asking for the business, I hate ALL of it!” 

The words tumbled out, tangled up in frustration. ”It’s sooo fake. It’s not who I am. There’s got to be a better way. I don’t even know who half  these people ARE!” When she was finished, between her apologies for dumping on me and wiping up her tears, I asked her if she was ready to dig  in. 

First, no apologies necessary. We’ve all been there. 

Second, there is waaay more going on here than simply lead generation, and that suitcase doesn’t just unpack itself. 

We hate lead generating because we hate asking for the business. It’s ‘salesy’ and no one likes sales. 

We hate lead generating because we don’t even know half of these people, and then what are we supposed to say? 

We hate lead generation because we hate being on the phone anyway - we’d  rather text, or IM, FB, or almost anything else besides talk on the phone.

And most of all, we hate being rejected. I mean who, seriously, likes being yelled at and hung up on? 

Why are we so afraid of our database?  

It’s crazy, if you think about it. Our database is a tool. Like a hammer or my new Swiffer wet mop. It’s a tool to make our jobs easier. Carpenters don’t hate their hammers, they love their hammers. They buy the best hammer  money can buy because the grip feels good. I don’t hate my Swiffer. I love that dang thing, it’s so much easier than mopping up 2500 square feet of flooring on my hands and knees. 

What if there is a better way? What would that look like? What if we weren’t salesy, or fake? What if being told “No” didn’t hurt? Is that even possible? 

What if our database was a perfectly natural functioning tool for our business? What if it was REAL estate and not FAKE estate? 

What if it isn’t about us at all? 

Every occupation has a specific set of tools they use daily, and we are no different. However, just because one carpenter likes one particular hammer, doesn’t mean all carpenters like the same hammer. That’s why there are so many hammers on the shelves. (I’m assuming here, it’s not like I’m in Home Depot wandering up and down the hammer aisle.) 

There are a million ways to interact with our database, including techniques for the 59 and a half people that you don’t even know how they got in there. 

It doesn’t have to be fake, and it doesn’t have to be salesy. It can be you and it can be real. But, underneath it all, you have to wrap your brain around the fact that none of this is even about you. It’s about them. We aren’t here beg for money to build our businesses, we are here to help people through a tricky, problematic, could-lose-thousands in the wrong hands, incredibly stressful situation, and we deserve to get paid for that. 

If after all this you still hate your database and you hate lead generation, and you hope and pray that there is a better way, call me and I’ll tell you a true story about me. Because I hated my database too.

In the meantime, Let’s walk through this. Nobody should be afraid of their database.


“the average agent with their average database”


Phone number 

  Email address 

  Physical address 


“good agent with a golden database”

  Level one plus 

  FORD notes (family, organizations, recreation, dreams)

  Notes about their home, etc.

  Motivation levels 

  Tagged: Buyer, Seller, Investor, etc. 


“GHT agent with a fully functional database, your basic Rockstar”   Level two plus 

A next contact date set

That’s it. Just that little date in there is the secret to turning your database into your favorite hammer. I promise.

Before the end of one month, your goal is for your database to be fully functional, and a tool that works for you instead of you working for it.

Are you ready to start helping people and protecting them and keeping them safe?

Really ready?

Good. Here we go!

Reach out and start contacting every person on your list. 

For everyone you know: 

“Hi —, this is ___, with eXp, can you help me?

“I’m excited to (true sentence here - get going in real estate - work with a real estate coach - join a new real estate team - build out my real estate tools, etc) 

“I need to get your — (whatever information you don’t have.)”

“Thank you so much. 


“Also, while I have you on the phone, who do you know who may want to take advantage of the market?

What does that mean?

“Well, the market is turning, so anyone that wants to invest in real estate, or even is just interested in selling or buying.

If there is a personal interest, close for the appointment.

“Are you available Tuesday at 2 or 4?


If they know of someone - a referral, ask for the info. If they are uncomfortable giving you that, or just want to pass along your info, say this:

“I get it - it’s weird, huh?  (let them answer)

“When do you think you might be seeing them next?

“Awesome - can you please tell them about me and let them know I’ll be reaching out? Cause, here’s the deal, if you just hand them my card, they’re not going to call and then when they are ready, they are just going to reach out to someone they found on a sign, and that person isn’t going to care about them and make sure they’re protected and safe. I want to be able to make sure they are truly taken care of, and not just a number. Does that make sense?

“Awesome! Thank you so much - I’ll call you on (day after they said they’d see them next)


Then just ask any questions you can think of, and thank them when you’re done. 

Then call me.

Super simple.

At any part of the conversation, if they ask you for anything related to helping them in real estate, the magic word is “Yes”. 

“Can you help my aunt in Alaska get a house? YES

“Can you help me find a roofer/plumber/painter? YES

“Can you help my cousin in DC, he’s looking to purchase. YES

Then call me and I’ll get you out of whatever mess you’ve just gotten yourself into. 

For anyone who you don’t know - like “Bob” is in your phone but you have no idea who “Bob” is.


“Hi, this is __, with eXp, and I believe someone may have called from this number in the past asking about real estate, are you still interested?” 

YES. “Perfect, can I please get some information from you?”  Just be real - “Um, who are you and what were you looking for?

Ask anything you can think of asking, and then tell them you’re going to get right back to them with the info. Then call me and I’ll get you out of whatever mess you’ve just gotten yourself into. 

NO. “Okay, is it okay if I reach out in the future?” 


YES. “Perfect, while I’ve got you on the phone is it okay if I just   verify your information?” Ask for whatever info you are missing from your database and then thank them. 


NO. “Okay, I hope your day is wonderful!”  and then throw them out of your database.

**Note: Use any method to reach out. There is no right or wrong. FB message, text, call, email, letter, smoke signals. The only important part is that you don’t  send a mass text or mass email. Even if you copy and paste, make sure it’s an individual message.

Next Contact Date Set 

This is the most important part of your database. This is what makes your database a tool that works for you and not an albatross around your neck. 

Every person you reach out to, regardless of whether you connect or not  MUST have a Next contact date set. 


For anyone who says “call me on X day”: Put that date in 

For anyone who says “call me on some distant date”: Cut that date in half and put that date in, but don’t go more than 3 or 4 months out.

For anyone who you don’t connect with: Put in a date of   tomorrow or the next day, or a few days out so you can attempt   contact again. 

It will only take you one pass through your database to get it fully  functional. Once it’s done - it’s done. From that day forward, you will turn your database on and it will tell you what to do. Sort by contact date, and you simply do what it tells you to do. 


 1. You will never have every piece of information on everyone. Shoot for an 80% database, and don’t worry about it. As long as you have a Next contact date set, you’re fully functional. 

 2. Databases are an investment. They are meant to deposit  information into, work that info, and then reap the rewards. Garbage in, garbage out. If you don’t work it, it won’t work for you either.  

3. You will probably have to make 100 dials to talk to 20 people, and that’s normal. 

 4. Not everyone will want to buy a house. That’s okay. Someday they will, or they will know someone who will. 

 5. I don’t take anyone out of my database unless they use a different agent. Once in, always in. I just may not reach out to you as frequently  

6. Sometimes you will get yelled at. Have you ever yelled at a  telemarketer? Me too. 

7. No means Not Yet. Ofttimes it takes 5 No’s to get to a Yes. Count  ‘em down.

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