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Self Constructing Your Future

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Self Constructing Your Future

Time investment = 30 minutes

Step 1.

Grab a timer, pen and paper and go somewhere where you can be undisturbed for the next 30 minutes.

Step 2.

Set a timer for 20 minutes and write using this prompt: What does my career life look like in 3-5 years?

Write as in the present tense as if you’ve already accomplished everything. It won’t be “I want” or “I will” statements, it will be “I have”, “I have done”, or “I am” statements.

Don’t worry about grammar, neatness, complete sentences, or spelling. Just write. The more you put down onto paper, the better. You will not be judged or graded, as that’s not the purpose of this exercise. You are constructing your vision for your life.

Step 3.

Once the timer goes off, finish up your train of thought, and then read through what you’ve written. Let your vision wash over you and experience both your emotions and your thoughts around this. Let is sink into your soul as this is the starting point of what we’re going to work together to launch.

Step 4.

Solomon’s Paradox

Looking over what you’ve written, ask yourself in the third person, “What would (your full name) do with (your full name)’s career in order to make all this the truth? Whatever that first step is, DO IT.

After completing your first step, work back and forth from this document, always asking yourself in the third person, “What would (your full name) do next…” **

**You have the answers inside of you. We are here to help guide you and flush them out, adding in skills, wisdom, knowledge, and support. But your vision - your answers - your life? That’s self-constructed, and it starts here.


Each month, do this for a different arena of your life. Some ideas:




Intimate relationships

Social relationships







Or even very specific situations could be future constructed:

Maybe a specific relationship

or where you want to live

or vacations

or social justice, etc. etc. etc.

Each time you do this, follow the same process. Write for 20 mins, read it over, ask what to do in the third person.

Knowing your vision allows you to start with the end goal in mind, gives you clarity and direction, and turns on the parts of your brain that make things happen. That portion of your brain does not know the difference between visualization and reality, therefore it will try everything in its power to align your actions up with your vision. Once you start this process, if you find yourself wanting to turn down a different street on your way home, or talk to a person you’ve not spoken to in a while, or any other out of the ordinary action, just do it. Although it might seem weird, trust that your brain is working to create alignment.

We never know where that left turn will take you or where that conversation will lead, but our brain knows and our heart knows. Trust in the answers and the process and your brain-heart connection. And if you’re anything like me, practicing this will help you to work and live and grow in alignment to who you are truly meant to be.

I’m excited to partner with you in this process, and looking forward to hearing anything you wish to share!

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