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"I've been fortunate. I don't pick scripts. Scripts pick me."


Denzel Washington

No Talking Heads


No one wants to sound like a talking head. Yet, I guarantee you use scripts every day. 

Don't believe me?

When that agent passed you in the hallway this morning and asked, "How are you?", did you say, "Fine"?

Or when the clerk at the clothing store asked if they could help you, was your response, "No thanks, I'm just looking"?

 We use scripts every day, so that we can communicate quickly and don't have to think.

It's the same working with buyers and sellers. When we use scripts we can communicate quickly and more effectively,

without focusing on our responses.



It's not about you....


In order for scripts to work, they need to flow naturally. In the beginning they feel weird, like you're reading off a.... script, Like actors in a move who read words that are not their own, before they are filmed they practice until it sounds believable. To the audience it feels natural and real, and the words move the action in the direction it needs to go. Until you've practiced scripts a lot, they might feel weird to you, but your clients aren't going to notice because they will be too focused on their concerns around the buying and selling process. 

Scripts help you and your clients get clear on their wants and their needs, and free you up to be able to process and help them through any potential challenges. The key word here? Their. Their wants, their needs, their challenges. It's not about you, it's about them. 





You must remain focused on WIIFT or What’s In It For Them. When you're just winging it, all your focus is on you: what you are going to say next and how you are going to react. You've lost WIIFT. It is impossible to focus on your clients when all you can think about is what they might say next and how you are going to respond.

When you know your scripts, you will be able to recognize exactly where they are going and you can relax because you know where they are headed. All you have to do is listen to their wants and needs. You can then focus on supporting them and helping them get clarity around their goals. Buyers or sellers cannot, and will not make a  decision unless they first gain clarity about what it is they want and need. Scripts will help them and you get to where you both want to go.



Learn it ♦ Believe it ♦ Own it


Learn it


Scripts work! Pick the one you need the most at this point in your career. Copy it out in your own handwriting and post it in front of you everywhere. Roll play with another person in your office until you know it inside out, upside down, and backwards. Keep practicing until you can say it in your sleep.

Believe It


Keep practicing, not until you get it right, but until you can’t get it wrong. Use it until it rolls right off your tongue. Notice how the focus is no longer on you and how you are going to respond, but on their wants and their needs. Keep using it until you really believe in yourself and the words coming out of your mouth

Own It


Now that you believe it and it is a natural part of your speech, feel free to adapt the script to who you are, and what your speech patterns are. Study scripts, take classes, or better yet, get a coach, so you can learn which parts of the script are the key points and how a script is structured. Once you understand scripts and their structure, own it!



Don't stop at just one! They say the average sales process contains five 'No's before you get one 'Yes'. You cannot have just one script under your belt, you need an entire tool chest full of scripts. Otherwise you are right back where you started, with the focus on you and how you will respond, instead of WIIFT. Keep the focus on their needs and you're not even selling. You're solving problems and helping clients. Isn't that why you got into the business in the first place?


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