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Tie Downs & Trial Closes

Use tie downs to soft close your clients.

Bonus points for nodding your head up and down while saying them.

Aren’t they?

Aren’t we?

Can’t it?

Can’t you?

Can you not?

Couldn’t it?

Couldn’t we?

Didn’t it?

Didn’t you?

Does that work for you?

Don’t we?

Don’t you?

Don’t you agree?

Don’t you think?

Hasn’t it?

Haven’t they?

Haven’t you?

Isn’t it?

Isn’t that right?

Isn’t that true?

Isn’t that what you want?



Shouldn’t they?

Shouldn’t you?

Wasn’t it?

Weren’t they?

Weren’t you?

Wouldn’t it?

Wouldn’t you?

Won’t that be great?



In full sentence form...

Use tie downs to create urgency, build value, summarize key points, and, most importantly, reach small agreements throughout the consultation and education process.

Oh my gosh, everyone seems to like this house, don't they?

 Your parents are going to be thrilled, aren't they?

That backyard is perfect for a swing set, isn't it?

You wanted the top agent, right? 

I can so see your kids playing in the backyard, can't you?

This house sounds perfect for you, doesn't it?

So, we're going to use our (house painter, loan officer, whatever), right?

You'll be 5 minutes away from your new office, won't that be great?

If I can get my loan office to contact you today, would you be ready to start the process?

Correct me if i am wrong, this is exactly what you said you needed, isn't it?

And, didn't you say you wanted to be walking distance to Starbucks?

We've covered a lot of information, how are you doing? Still with me?

Tie Down Placement

The standard use is to place tie downs at the end of sentences, as in the examples listed above. 

Would you like to see other ways to use them? (did you catch that?)


Let's mix things up a bit. Try a tie down at the beginning of a sentence.

Aren't you glad we listed at this price?

Isn't this powder room adorable?

Didn't you way you wanted extra closet space?


Or sprinkled right in the center of the conversation.

We should probably sign off on all other contingencies, shouldn't we, before we ask for that rent back?

Wow, it makes a difference, doesn't it, when the bathrooms have been updated?

You understand, don't you, that we may be in a multiple offer situation?

After all we've asked for, you're okay, right, if they counter us on something?

Or in response to their statements.

Seller: My house is in the perfect location.
Your response: Isn't it?

Seller: Your flyers look amazing.
Your response: Aren't they?

Buyer: The flowers in the yard are beautiful.
Your response: Don't they smell gorgeous?


When tie downs and trial closes are a part of the consultation and education process, closing for the order simply becomes the next natural step in the process.

All you are doing is facilitating the process of moving them from point A to point B, which is where they said they wanted to go in the first place.


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