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Work with Me Scripts


A true story

When I became a real estate agent, I wouldn't call my friends and family and talk about real estate. I thought that I would be bugging them. Why? Because deep down, I didn't know my value, and I would just be trying to sell them something, and that felt, well, icky.

I chose real estate because I was passionate about the product. Home ownership is better for everyone. It’s better for our neighborhoods, our towns, and our country. I don't know if you should buy that brand new car, but I know that you should buy a house.

But I still didn’t lead generate…

Until I met That Agent. What I learned later is that every town has one. I've done real estate from coast to coast and everywhere it's always the same. Every town has That Agent. You know the one. Full of broken promises and slick half-truths with crooked deals that don't benefit anyone except themselves. Yup, That Agent. Even though most (all?) states allow you to look up That Agent's license to see if there have been any licensing concerns and/or legal action, for some reason that never seems to happen.

All the public knows is That Agent must be big, because That Agent advertises everywhere. Billboards, newsletters, bus stops and open house signs galore that lead...nowhere.

But you’re not That Agent, you say. You're ethical, you say. You're honest-you really care, you say. None of that matters. You know why? Because you don't lead generate. That Agent does. You don't market. That Agent does. You’re not That Agent, but nobody knows....except you.

And still, we don’t lead generate…

What is the likelihood That Agent will do a transaction with our neighbors? Our friends? Our family members? That Agent must be big, remember? That Agent is everywhere! And we, we just sit there, because we are not That Agent.

I can teach you what to say and how to say it. I can teach you how to bond with your clients via a canned elevator speech. But none of that matters. The only thing that matters is, do you know who you are and why you are doing real estate? Because if you don't, you're just trying to sell, and that leads to commission breath. If you believe, really believe in what you are doing, why you are doing it, and, most importantly, who you are, then you are so more than a commission calculator, you are a real life superhero. You are in the business of saving people. It doesn't even matter what we are saving them from - just the fact that you are saving them is what matters.


You should be standing on the rooftop shouting, "I AM A SALESPERSON! I will help you buy and sell and invest in real estate! I CARE about YOU! I want to help you! I'm passionate and I'm not afraid to show it! THIS is who I AM. I am YOUR AGENT, and I need to talk to you and your neighbors and your friends and family members because I know that you should own your home and I am the Superhero who is going to get you there."


Then, maybe just then, when you really believe, you will lead generate.


Hey, this is going to be really fun! You and I are going to hang out and look at houses, go do lunch, and get to really know each other.  Some agents make real estate such a difficult process, I'm not that agent. I love to spoil my clients. I take care of the hard part and you and I do the fun part. 


I have a lot of resources and information at my fingertips. Anything you are interested in knowing more about, just let me know. I've got access to a lot of data that I can send your way. Let's start with the real estate contract. I'm going to send you over a blank contract so you can read through it all and highlight anything that you have questions about, and I'll sit down with you and answer all your questions. Then, as we're going through the process, when you want more information, just let me know and I'll send over a library of resources. 


I'm like a buffer between you and the other side. I'm here to protect you and work on your behalf, which means that when you have concerns about the transaction, or things you would like negotiated, you just let me know, and I take care of everything for you.


Many people don't know that property doesn’t sell by advertising alone. I am on the phone daily networking with my database and other agents to sell your property. I don't just show your property, I present it. I make sure that all the lights are on, it smells nice, and I use pre-screening techniques to ensure that only qualified prospects are shown through your property. I am not just any agent, I am a professional.

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